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Developmental Evaluations

Your child is entitled to skilled early intervention and treatment. Birth to 36 months is a critical time in your child’s development. Early intervention can give an important boost to a child’s development.

When you work with Sensational Kids, you’ll have access to many developmental resources.

First we evaluate your child’s unique needs — medical, developmental, educational, and psychological.

Then we coordinate the services necessary to give your child the best program possible.

Developmental assessment may include the areas of fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, language skills, social skills, and self-care skills. Additional assessments may include nutrition, home environment, psychology, vision, and review of medical records. The information we obtain is, of course, strictly confidential — used solely for understanding your child’s need and customizing our services to meet those needs.

Our next step is to develop an individualized plan to meet the needs identified in each assessment. Services may include physical therapy, psychological services, language development, nutritional counseling, vision, or occupational therapy. Parent and child education is a cornerstone of all services and is included in all programs.

Each family is provided with specific information about their child’s abilities, developmental milestones, and parenting practices.  Additionally, if your child has received a diagnosis, our team is able to help you and your family better understand what this means.

Your child’s progress is evaluated frequently as he or she grows and changes.  The program is routinely changed to accommodate your child’s varying needs.

In the North San Francisco Bay Area call Sensational Kids for an evaluation at (805) 801-1336.