Your Sensational Kids


In-Home Intervention

Your child will grow and thrive best in their familiar, loving home environment. If you are in the San Luis Obispo county or North San Francisco Bay Area of California, our staff will visit your home and work with your child in the relaxed atmosphere and privacy of your home. You can take advantage of services your child needs without traveling.

We teach play as a means of learning — using appropriate toys, equipment, and learning activities. By working with your child and you in your home, we are able to use and develop the child’s functional skills. These skills of daily living can be applied, maintained, and enhanced through treatment. The Sensational Kids team of specialists use their expertise and experience to teach functional skills that are appropriate for your child’s age.

Parents and caregivers are intimately involved in the process, during every session.

You, the parent, are your child’s first and best teacher. Your child’s treatment will be tailored to your family’s situation and schedule, taking into consideration the family’s values, culture, and language, as well as the child’s needs.

Your child is different from every other child. You and your child have many resources available that we can help coordinate. We routinely work with health care providers and agencies that benefit your child.

Our team of professionals promotes your child’s growth and development during their critical early years. We educate you to understand all your options. Recognizing your personal concerns and goals, we provide information, training, and coordination of the treatment plan that’s best for your child.