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Sensational Kids is an in-home, educationally based program for children with developmental delays or children “at risk” for developmental delay. Specific activities and strategies are taught to promote development. Families are provided with specific information related to developmental milestones, parenting practices, and their child’s diagnosis as appropriate. Our therapists can assess each child from a medical, developmental, educational, and psychological perspective.

For eligibility under California Early Start, you may refer your child directly or your physician may make the referral for you. These direct services are available only in the county of San Luis Obispo and the North San Francisco Bay Area. Prior authorization through your Local Regional Center is required under the California Early Start Program.

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Sensational Kids Services Available to You:

Direct Services: Our staff brings you a wide range of hands-on services, customized to meet your child’s needs.

For more information about our parent company: Pediatric Services, Inc.