Your Sensational Kids


Parent Education and Support

Sensational Kids services are designed to educate you on all the options available to you and your child. We can connect you with services and programs that will benefit your child.

Recognizing your personal goals, family values, culture, and beliefs, we provide information, training, and treatment coordination that are best for your child.

The family should be an equal participant in the parent-professional partnership. Through communication, education, and collaboration, we determine the nature and frequency of services needed to maximize your child’s potential. This cooperative effort allows us to assist parents in adjusting and coping with the special needs of their children.

All children bring challenges to their parents.

We teach skills to increase the parent’s ability to respond to the unique needs of each child. Through demonstration and modeling, we will help you recognize signals and cues from your child, whether verbal or non-verbal. We use teachable moments with parents, building on the knowledge that you already have about your child.

Services are usually provided one-on-one in the home, which is the child’s most natural environment. We can provide services to your extended family members and child care providers as well. Anyone who plays an active role in your child’s life is included in receiving our support and training so that they can provide the optimal interaction with your child.